Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services, LLC

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About Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services, LLC

Alpha-Barnes' primary goals are:

  • To provide a happy and satisfying work environment for the benefit of its employees and their families.
  • To deliver high quality management services and consistent superior returns to our clients and investors.
  • To provide a memorable and satisfying experience for the residents who live in the assets we building and manage.
  • To ensure that our clients conform to all of the applicable federal, state and local requirements relative to their assets.
  • To build an exceptional team by treating all of the parties instrumental to our success – our clients, our partners, our employees, our service providers and our affiliates with respect, honesty and loyalty.

Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services, LLC is a full-service real estate company specializing in Development, Acquisitions and Property Management.
Since 2000, our primary business has been within the Apartment Industry.